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Burton Method

30013104 158cm

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The Method snowboard is the ultimate riding machine. Burton were in search of the next level of weightlessness and performance when they gave their R&D team free reign to explore exotic materials and construction that had never been considered before in the snowboarding industry. What was the result? The Method snowboard was born and they introduced their lightest composite snowboard matrix to date. The Burton Method snowboard features the Flying V, resulting in the best rocker and camber combination, giving you a ride that's unlke any you've felt before.

The UltraMeth Construction optimizes every element from edges, base, core, fibreglass, even the shape of the sidewalls to create a snowboard that not only challenges convention, but also the laws of physics.

The Burton Method Snowboard loves the CO2 EST Bindings and The SLX Snowboard Boot

UltraMeth Construction

The Channel



SHAPE: Directional

FLEX: Twin

CORE: Alumafly Core with Multizone EGD and Negative Profile

FIBREGLASS: S2 Methodskin with Carbon I-Beam

BASE: Methlon

EDGES: Stainless Steel Frostbite Edges with Grip and Rip Tune


EXTRAS: Pro-Tip and Infinate Ride

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30013104 158cm
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£649.48 £1,298.95

Save 50% = £649.47